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Specialist deep cleaning

Dirty oven before specialist deep cleaning

Dirty grill with deposits of grease and dust

Proclean specialist deep cleaning is managed by Brian Godfrey who works mainly with kitchens and catering companies within a 100 mile radius of London.

  • Deposits of readily inflammable grease and dust rapidly accumulate in extract ductwork and canopies, reducing efficiency and forming a serious fire hazard.
  • A regular cleaning service at agreed intervals overcomes this problem.
  • We have over 30 years experience of dealing with difficult and specialist cleaning problems.
  • We provide only fully trained service crews supplied with the most modern equipment and materials.
  • Our surveyor will be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide a written survey and quotation without obligation.
  • For further Information on Proclean specialist deep cleaning please visit our contact page for details.
Clean oven after specialist deep cleaning

Clean grill after proclean services

Brian Godfrey, who has been providing services to our school for almost 20 years, has shown how passionate he is about his job and has delivered a high level of service. PROCLEAN provides dynamic, professional and high quality catering cleaning support.

I believe in open and honest relationships with PROCLEAN and I strongly recommend them.

The vision of PROCLEAN is to establish long term client focused relationships where honesty, enthusiasm and integrity are paramount. Their experience and understanding of catering cleaning helps them to exceed their customers’ expectations.

I am pleased to note our satisfaction with the standard of service, offered to us by a qualified and efficient team of PROCLEAN. This is the company with high integrity and strong, traditional values focusing on providing the utmost levels of customer satisfaction.

Telephone: 01243 601140 Mobile: 07711 954506

Email: info@procleanhygienicdeepcleaning.co.uk

Please contact Brian Godfrey of Proclean specialist deep cleaning and he will be happy to arrange a site visit and an assessment on your requirements for your catering establishment in the London or South East region of England.