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Specialist in the dismantling, degreasing and deep cleaning of catering equipment, extract canopies, ductwork and kitchen fabric.

For commercial businesses such as kitchens, it is essential to ensure high standards in cleaning and hygiene. Having a deep clean carried out on your premises on a regular basis is the best way to achieve this in order to provide a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, for your peace of mind as well as for your customers. Grease and dust can accumulate in difficult to access places such as ducts and extraction systems.

We provide a specialist deep cleaning service to eradicate all these problems and are experts in duct cleaning and the degreasing of catering equipment (including ovens and grills) to leave your kitchen area spotless.

Example Contract

1) Summary.

Deep cleaning of all areas and items specified using approved solvents and detergents and necessary equipment in order to restore those areas and items specified to a safe and hygienic condition compatible with age, design and density of the sole deposits.

2) Ventilation.

Extract canopies, ducting, filters, louvers, fan blades and motors. To remove grease and carbon deposits as far as possible and cleanse manually, chemically, or mechanically, rinsing as necessary.

3) Hot Catering Equipment.

Ovens, ranges, grills, salamanders, steamers, fryers, hot cupboards, etc. To dismantle component parts of equipment, remove carbon, grease, and scale and soil deposits. Cleanse either manually, chemically, or mechanically, rinsing as necessary re-assembles and checks for correct operation.

4) Supplementary Catering Equipment.

Sinks tabling dishwashers, refrigerators (exterior) deep freeze cabinets (exterior) and tops, potato machines, slicers, mixers, shelving, service pipe work, taps, waste pipes etc. To remove grease lime deposits, food deposits scale, and soil and cleanse either manually, chemically, or mechanically, disinfecting and rinsing as necessary.

5) Completion Report.

To provide if requested at the conclusion of the work, a report upon defects to fitting and equipment treated by PROCLEAN and report evidence of pest or vermin infestation found during the work.


  • PROCLEAN supply all the materials, equipment and plant necessary to carry out the said works.
  • The customer admits the contractors (PROCLEAN) its staff and agents access to all parts of the premises, necessary for the performance of the contract to be fulfilled.
  • We are fully covered for public liability insurance.

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Email: info@procleanhygienicdeepcleaning.co.uk

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